Thank you

Below are the warm and heart-felt messages that we have received from you.  Thank you…your thoughts and actions are appreciated by our friends, families and communities in Japan.  We thank you for your encouragement and hope that you share with us and the people in Japan.

I was deeply moved by your thoughtful expression and tender solicitude. 
Thank you very much. (N.F)

Thank you very much for your heartwarming messages. I felt emboldened! Friends of my friend live in Miyagi prefecture and are safe,but they lost their houses and cars by Tsunami. We are worries for aftershocks and nuclear accident but doing our best to keep up our spirits while saving electricity. I everyday reflect on my past lifestyle.    (yuka)                                    

Many message brings me to tear. (S.K)
Thank you very much for many message to encourage Japanese people!!  (S.S)
We are encouraged by these messages.Thank you very much. (T.N)

From Nadeshiko JAPAN

To Our Friends Around the World
Thank You for Your Support.

message from Miyagi
I'm so moved to see these warm messages. They are too wonderful to eat. I will keep and look at them to cheer myself up. Thank you!

「俺は綺麗なお姉さんのチョコがいいな。(笑)カルフォルニア?カリフォルニア?どっちだい?(笑)ここは太陽が眩しいところだな~。おっ。連絡先か?(チョコ包装裏の絆アドレスを見て)ここにパソコンがあれば(ブログを)見れるんだがなぁ。う~ん、残念だな。ごちそうさん。今から花の仕入れに行ってくっからね。いっちょ頑張ってくっからよ。」 伊藤さん
Oh, I like the one with a beautiful woman!(Lol) These messages came from California? Where is it? Golden state! (checking the URL of operation R) If I visit there, I can check these messages. Too bad, wish I have a PC.  I've got to go to work now! Thank you for the chocolate.

「アメリカのチョコレートって味が違うんだねえ。甘くてさあ、美味しいんだね。この写真に写ってる人からのメッセージなんだな、きっと。(カップルの写真を見て」この人とこの人はご夫婦かい?ナニ人なのかい?これって日本語訳?写真こんだけ撮るの、大変だっただろうねえ。」 相沢さん
American chocolate is so sweet and good! So, I assume that this message is from the person in the picture. (Looking at a picture of a couple) Are they a married couple? Where are they from? Wow, there are so many pictures! I appreciate all the effort to collect and send us the messages.

「こんな離れてるのに、こっちのことを想ってくれてるなんて、本当に本当にすごいことだよね。有難いことだよね。私はこうして津波でも生き残れたから、これから何があっても生き続けるし、乗り越えなくちゃだよね。」 坂田さん
It is really great to hear that people in the US cheer us up. Thank you thank you very much! I survived from the Tsunami and I'm alive. I will never give up. 

「ほ~。今日はチョコレートかい。いいねえ。今、歯医者に行って歯の具合も良くなったから食べられるよ。ありがとうさん。明日も楽しみにしてっからよお。」 木皿さん
Good, we got chocolate. I just came back from dentist and can enjoy eating it. Thank you very much! 

「アメリカかぁ~。はぁ。。。みんな英語話せんだな。すごいな。僕、今度初めてTOIEC受けてみたいから、勉強しなくちゃ。。。モグモグモグ、うまっ。(美味い)でも、あまっ。(甘いと驚いた)」 大宮君(大学生2年生) 
America! People speak English, wow! I've got to study English hard. I'm going to take an English test, TOIEC for the fist tome. (eating the chocolate) it is good! and so sweet!!

message from Japan 

   JAPANESE Prime Minister Naoto Kan

"One month has passed since an earthquake of unprecedented scale struck Japan, taking thousands of precious lives," the advert said.
"In the tsunami-devastated regions there was no food, no water, no electricity and the survivors had no communications.
"At that desperate time people from around the world rallied to our side bringing hope and inspiring courage.
"We deeply appreciate the Kizuna our friends around the world have shown and I want to thank every nation, entity and you personally from the bottom of my heart."